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Football Camp Testimonials

We receive so much positive feedback from our campers, parents, coaches, and alumni that we can't fit it all on one page! Below you'll find a few picked at random. Refresh the page to view more.

Football Camp Testimonials

"We just got your e-mail recently...And thought it a good thing to tell you that our son Sean had attended two O_D camps during his teen years. Detroit at 12,and Indianapolis at 14. He got incredible guidance, and the best coaching hands on. The fact that O-D camps were the only one's that offered contact was a big plus for us as he really got allot out them both.

Sean was an all-state pick his senior year, and also selected as one of the Michigan Touchdown club's "GREAT EIGHT AWARD WINNERS"
He committed to the University of Cincinnati in May of his Junior year. he had offers to play in the Big Ten, Big East, as well as the MAC. O-D camps definitely made a difference, and it was the suggestions of several O-D coaches that persuaded him to consider playing on into his college years...For us O-D wasn't only a solid investment into our son's future; It was a great experience for him!"

"Wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and all of the O-D staff.

Anthony had a fantastic time at all 3 O-D camps that he attended. Just as we were told, once he stepped foot back on his high school football field is when he - and his coaches - noticed the difference that O-D camps made in Anthony as an athlete. This week is their 2 a day practices. He is at football practice from 7AM - 6PM with a couple hours for lunch and a break in the middle of the day. In the past, Anthony thought that the "2 a day" week was really a tough week. After O-D camps, he is amazed at how well prepared and conditioned his is this year compared to years past.

There are a couple of other big changes that are directly related to O-D camps. Last Friday, the day after we got home from Elite camp, was a training day for our high school team. Anthony ran his 40 in 4.81. He also ran the 800 in 2.49. For a 225 lb lineman, the coaches were pretty happy. They also noticed that his fundamentals had improved greatly.

Anthony has been a starting offensive lineman the last 2 years. His hope was to play more defense. At the O-D camps, all the coaches were telling him he should be a defensive end or tackle. They all seemed to have conversations with him about his potential as a running back. Apparently his high school coaches noticed the same things after his training with O-D. Without Anthony saying a word, they moved him to tackle. Even more amazing, Anthony practiced at running back today.

I can't express to you and the rest of the staff how much we appreciate all that you do. Without the camp experiences, training, and coaching, Anthony would not have had the same opportunities. His coaches also commented today on how fast he was learning anything and everything new they were teaching him. He told them it was because of the O-D camps, "You just learn to pick it up fast at O-D".

We'll be sending along film soon. Our first game is going to be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Should be a great day for game footage."

"I wanted to write you a letter to say thank you for all that you do. I have attended your football camps for 4 years. I have been fortunate enough to be selected as an All American during those years. I am a QB at home but each year I go to your camp and every year i try to learn a different position. I want to challenge myself and learn as much as I can. The first year I went by myself. The second year a few of my friends went. Last year 7 kids from my hometown came. Next year not only is my team coming but the president of my football league is asking Mr. Milow to come speak to my football program with hopes that the whole program is coming. I am so happy.

This year I was selected to the USA middle school team. I am telling you in this letter because I want to tell you what it means to me. I met Mr. Milow this year and he inspired me to be the best I could be. He checks to see how my grades are and he spoke with my league president to make sure I gave my best and was a good teammate. I scored 30 touchdowns this year. The first thing he asked me was how I did it. I told him because I have great teammates. I was talking about how my offensive line worked hard and how my wide receivers were so good. He stopped me and said told me I learned the most important thing in the game. He said sportsmanship, team work, and determination to be the best. He then said congratulations and told me I was selected to the USA team. My biggest award is being part of the O-D family that's helps be grow to be a great person!

I can not wait to be in Texas with all my friends. O-D is the best football camp in the world. O-D #1!!!"

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the good instruction that my two sons received in the Atlanta camp. This is my oldest son's 5th year attending your camps and he has really developed into a solid football player as well as a good young man. He was awarded the defensive skills MVP for the 13 year olds and has been invited to the youth all American bowl in January. This is awesome for him! Your camp is great. We will always remember Offense-Defense is where it started."

"Cody was Defensive MVP... He said he learned new things..

That is so important. For that we thank you and your coaches.

He made some new friends and had lot's of fun..

Well, thank you for everything...See you next year!"

"We really appreciate all that you have done and will continue to do for my son in the future! His confidence is off the charts and he will be playing for a new organization this year. His attitude and demeanor is very business like! I really did'nt know what to expect but you have exceeded my expectations and you can not quantify the results with a price tag! I can not believe it. Thay are raving about my son and his attitude towards the game!

Thanks a million and we will see you until he graduates from high school!"

"You should see your Indy location numbers jump significantly with this change.Our organization, Dad's Club, typically sends 8-10 kids each year. I believe that number will at least double. I have been getting a lot of inquiries already about available camps and I have been holding off 'advertising' until I got the final word from you on location. This is very good news, Sal. My sons will likely be attending the Indy camp AND one of the surrounding locations (Cincy, Chi, Nashville, St. Louis) depending on the dates.I appreciate your quick response."

"My son loved it, loved the contact, and enjoyed his playing time. We hope to continue my son's development in his favorite sport. Thanks for O-D coming to Dallas."

"Hey, you all in OD Customer Service are great...thanks!!

WOW! I love you guys! Communication and ease of signing up as well as obtaining information has been super. I truly hope my son will want to attend this camp every year."

"Gotta give a shout out to OD! This is the BEST camp in America. My son attended the Atlanta camps 6 and 7 years ago. He learned so much from their 1 on 1 teaching. Became a #1 D End in Florida his jr. year and #4 his senior year. He had multiple offers and is now playing on the offensive line in college football as a sophomore. His all american center attended the same camps and they have such fond memories of OD. Thanks OD for giving him the edge. He was just a 7th and 8th grader back then, but was always a step ahead of his teammates in high school. You guys are truly the best!!!!"

"My son and I just recently attended your San Francisco camp, and I must say, although this was our first experience at camp, I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and the effort put forth by your staff. It was an honor being a Father-Counselor and I can truly say that this was the best five days of our entire summer! My son truly learned alot about football, and it showed when he started playing this year. So the buzz has been about "this camp" that Puma (my son) attended and more parents are really interested in O-D, and now it looks like we have a group coming from our orginization. So if you could email me back about how group rates work, I would really appreciate it. The only problem is that although we will be together as a group, the parents wanted the autonomy of doing their own payments and being responsible for them. (I'm sure that will be no problem) But hey Sal, I'm looking forward to another fantastic five days of football next summer with O-D and your crew, so keep up the good work!"

"Just a note to say thank you for making us aware of the rule changes regarding campers that reside in states that have issues with full contact camps. We were one of those parents with concerns about our son's eligibility. We live in Ohio and were told that we shouldn't send our son to o-d this year now that he is a middle schooler. His football coach was afraid that if we did and it was reported, that he would become ineligible for the fall season.

Nick was thrilled with camp last year and was disappointed when he heard of this rule. Even before we received your e-mail we decided to go ahead with our plans reguardless, due to the quality of your camp and the great experience our son had during last years camp. When we got your e-mail that explained these changes and laid everything out, we were able to breath a little easier. Thanks again for the information and for the wonderful camps you offer kids who love this sport. We'll see you in June!"

"My name is D.A. MY son Darren attended last years camp @ St Marys College. Our experience at your camp last year has help my child succeed during his football season with the American Canyon Patriots. He played at the scouts level, ( 7-9yr olds). He Played quarterback offense scoring 20 Touchdowns, over 30 pass completions, and 4 TD passes. On defense he played ILB, averaging 13 takles a game. The team only allowed 6 touchdowns.As a result, I shared with family and friends that Darren attended O-D camp. I truely feel O-D camp gave my son the tools and necessary skills to make this a rewarding season.

Im requesting a group rate code to share with all of my friends and family of the AMERICAN CANYON PATRIOTS and the youth of our community."

"Just a quick note to advise you of our satisfaction with the OD Camp . Jarrett partipated in the Naperville camp this year and walked away with the confidence and skills that i had hoped he would gain. The coaches gave him one on one time and his big surprise was winning the mvp award which really made his confidence soar . He is having a great season with four touchdowns in 4 games and he keeps coming off the field attributing things he did that he had learned at od camp. Keep up the good work."

"I am writing this email to say thank you for the leadership and coaching that you provided at the Offense Defense Football Camp at Hampton University. This was Christopher's second year attending OD and as a parent I am very impressed with the program. I wanted to take the time to commend you for not only providing guidance and coaching on football field, you provided guidance to young boys on how to take what they learn and apply on the field to their everyday lives. It is about being focus, discipline, determination, team work, listening skills and at times leadership. During the Awards Ceremony, I was very impressed and touched by how the guest speakers and coaches stressed to the players to apply the same level of energy that they provide in this sport into being a better person.

I can only speak about my child, but it only reinforces what I am teaching Christopher. It not about the wins or losses, nor the ability to go to Dallas to play at the All American Bowl, it is about not only focusing on football, but taking the principles of the game and applying them to your life that will ultimately make them a better player, a better son, a better student, a better friend and one day a better man.

So thank you and the coaches for taking time out of your summer to provide such an AWESOME camp. Christopher is looking forward to Camp 2013 and so are we. Many Blessing to you and yours"

"I'm M. B. Brooks and I have been to 5 of your camps over the last 2 years. We have really enjoyed them and plan to attend this coming summer. I will be bringing my youngest son (age 7) with us this year to the Atlanta camp.

I coached my youngest son's Jr. Pee Wee team this year and plan to discuss with the parents O-D. Can you send me some flyers/information that I can use/passout at our team's banquet?

I look forward to seeing you guys again next year."

"To whom it may concern, as I stated on my phone call just now to you all, I just wanted to thank Milo and his Team for a great or awesome experience my boys have had at the Houston camp. The coaching and teaching of skills and life lessons was wonderful, the camp was tough but extremely rewarding.

I was impressed that Milo and all the coaches are approachable and extremely personable, I will definitely have my 2 boys in your camp next year."

"This was my sons first year of OD Camp. It is quite expensive especially for a single mother, but we managed it and it was worth it. He was an overnight camper as we live on an island in the Pacific Northwest and travel to and from camp each day is not an option. It was a great camp, my son really enjoyed it. The accomodations were great, the meal options worked out wonderfully and parking and access were fantastic. I've already signed him up again for camp next year. Please have the camp at PLU again next year. It was fantastic."

"Kudos and congrats on the sterling experience for my son, Mac, at the Elite Camp. The coaching intensity and instruction was beyond outstanding. It was a terrific life experience for my son!"

"We would like to first thank you for giving our son Elijah the opportunity to play in the Youth O-D BOWL. At this years Atlanta camp Elijah trained with the Senior campers because he was entering the 9th grade and wanted to get challenged and prepared for JV try outs. I'm not sure how that affect his status or the age requirement for the youth bowl. We also want to give thanks to OFFENSE DEFENSE for several years of great football training for our son. Elijah has accomplished great things with the help of OFFENSE DEFENSE.

Elijah is 13 and will be 14 years of age in November. This school year he entered the 9th grade. We expected Elijah to go out for the JV football team and due to all his hard work and training from O-D he ended up making the Varsity team as a 9th grader. Elijah is now playing RB AND DB. He is getting a significant amount of playing time on both sides of the ball and special teams. The first game of the season he scored his first Varsity touch down!!! Elijah received his first start last Friday night at the defensive back position and did very well. Again we just want to thank O-D for years of great training..."

"I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for the youth all american bowl. My son Zach had the best experience ever and has committed to work even harder so he can hopefully qualify again next year. Often satisfied parents don't say anything while difficult parents tend to be more vocal- please realize how much we appreciated all of your efforts.

Again this was an awesome opportunity and I am grateful to the entire O-D family and proud my son is a part of it."

"Camp was great. It was a very hard adjustment for him and he called wanting to come home the first day, but once he got to know the boys and got into the rhythm he loved it. Very hard for a boy of 10, but really boosted his self esteem.

At this point, we will try to do it again next year if we can afford it."

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great football camp you had at Indy last week. Our thirteen year old has been doing an O-D camp every summer now for the last four years - usually the Kansas City camp at Warrensburg, Missouri - but the extra effort involved in sending him to Indianapolis was well worth it.

GREAT coaching staff - good venue - and a lot of attention to detail by Bo and the entire staff. Most detailed evaluation sheet we have ever received! An extra plus was having Dave Ritchie there. We have a summer house in Manitoba and have been Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans for years. It meant a lot to Cristen to be able to visit and spend time with Coach Ritchie at camp and they apparently really hit it off as Dave sent him some of his old Bomber' Coaches gear after he returned to Pennsylvania. We see that Coach Ritchie is helping with some of your other camps this summer and we hope he is available and that you will be able to bring him back next year (at least for Indy). He was really accessible and inspiring not only to Cristen but to the other campers as well! What a great guy!!! I hope you keep it going!!"

"Thanks you so much for helping me with my situation. It is very refreshing to deal with a person who truly understand the meaning of customer services. Keith is very excited about starting camp. Thanks so must and may the lord truly bless you."

"I wanted to let you know that 7 campers from your June San Francisco camp, 11-13 age group, were part of the undefeated 2008 T-Bird Turkey Bowl Championship. team. They had a 12 - 0 record with 9 shut outs over the season. They finished with a shut out over their rival team Clayton Valley who beat them last year in the Turkey Bowl.

My son loves your camp and I know the other T-Birds that joined him this year had the same great experience. O-D builds players."

"My son and I where driving on campus and we saw the OD camp setting up my son wanted to let you guys know he says thanks.He was the campership award winner in the 1st Ft.lauderdale camp and last season he became the leading single season rusher in Broward (Florida) history surpassing the previous record holder. He will be attending FAU and was the only rb sighned on scholarship. If you go on Youtube he has many highlight videos of the record breaking season."

"We have enjoyed the O-D experience, and plan to make this a yearly obligation until Joshua's too old to attend. I have to say, that I personally can see the difference in the kids in our group who attended camp, and those who have never been to O-D camp. Joshua was always a good player, but now he is a great player. Also his new abilities have made his game safer for him and his team mates because he now uses the proper techniques when he plays. As a parent I would like to see more kids attend O-D, if not for the betterment of their game, then for the added safety and reduced injuries that comes with using proper techniques on the field."

"The Offense Defense Football camp was a rewarding and wonderful experience for my son D'ante Lambright.After four years of not playing football, he decided to return back to the football field.He spent numerous months researching various camps when he located the OD Football camp. I was highly impressed with the availability of the office staff. I was initially prepared to leave a voice message; thinking no one was available as this was our experiences with previous camps. The OD office was well staffed.

Mrs. Karen Richardson was the first staff member that answered our questions about the camp process. She was extremely helpful and informative. The OD staff made my son and I feel welcome and they encouraged us to contact the office at any time. In the upcoming days, I made several calls to OD; trying to get a greater understanding of the camp processes.

Within a week of registering for the OD Camp, I received a follow-up call from Mr. Milow Weems.He called to address my concerns. I was impressed because he took time to ask questions about my son D'ante. I was impressed with Mr. Weems professionalism and his love for the program that I changed my son's camp location from Hampton, VA to Baltimore, Md.Little that I knew, the decision to change location would have such a profound impact on my son as a first time camper.Not only did he address his skills on football, he taught him to believe in himself on the football field against all odds.

The check-in process at Towson State University, Baltimore, MD was smooth, well organized and the staff was friendly and professional.I was relieved to know the staff and coaches were well prepared and in the business of ensuring each camper received the technical skills needed to play football.The camp exceeded our expectations.

Mr. Weems went beyond the call of duty to ensure my son was comfortable and welcome.My son requested additional time from him on the football field. I witnessed Mr. Weems on the field with my son, coaching him before practice started. His willingness to spend extra time with my son speaks to his devotion and commitment with the campers and the OD program. As a result of our OD experience in Baltimore and Mr. Weems persuasion, my son registered and attended the OD camp in Hampton, VA.

My son's initial camp experience in Baltimore helped shaped and prepared him for the OD camp in Hampton. The coaching staff in Hampton was great and they provided the extra work needed to get D'ante where he needed to be eligible to receive an award. As a final result, my son received a performance award at the Hampton camp that was an automatic invite to the Bowl game this upcoming December.

Thank you for a wonderful camp experience and a job well done!!!!"

"Thank you for the e-mail. My son and I attended the camp in Miami at FIU. He enjoyed every minute of it. His interactions with the coaches was all that he could ask for. Please give a special thanks to Coach Sherman. Erik is 12 but was moved up to the junior age group and still received a Player of the Week award. The personal encouragement from Coach Sherman really made a difference. He is looking forward to our season and talking about attending the camp next year."

"He got some great news lately as well. He was chosen for VTO Sports "Elite 100" and will be participating in their Division I A scouting match-up as a wide receiver. He has also been training at XXXX Sports with Antico Dalton of the 2002 New England Patriots who is impressed with Joey's footwork, sense of team play and agility. Joey told him that he credits a lot of what he does to what he learned at your Charlotte camp last year.

As a parent, I think your program is phenomenal in developing young men into total athletes; young men who are athletic, competitive, team-oriented and have a good sense of fair play. It's worked for Joey and is what I tell everyone with a son coming up who is interested in a worthwhile camp experience."